by Darius Matusevicius, Lithuania

I have read Mr de Koning’s book on PIFC with great interest due to its highly important topicality, harmonised approach and my working experience in the Lithuanian MoF during the entire negotiation process on Chapter 28: ‘Financial Control’ as well as in the CHU after it  was established in 2002.

My general impressions include the following:

  • It is vital that the intention of the book is not only to present the coherent historical view on the development of PIFC during 1996-2005 and to further the understanding of this enormously important subject, but also to make specific recommendations to countries that face the PIFC establishment issues and to countries that endeavour further development of the existing harmonised PIFC structures.
  • It is particularly important to note that the issues discussed are referred to and discussed in view of the newest global developments in the best advanced practice and international standards likewise the issues that are relative to governance, internal control, internal audit, sound financial management, etc.
  • Even more than that, the book provides tools for analysis aimed at understanding and achieving the PIFC that can be of use to all the Member States of the European Union, European institutions as well as to countries that are still in the process of PIFC development, determining the validity of the relevant reforms and promoting a harmonised approach of the best practice of public governance through the PIFC structure.
  • The broader definition of PIFC discussed is indeed an important one, as it captures the heart of the best modern practices of governance, control and other PIFC vital issues; those that have evolved through much professional and other controversies to their current position, as a basic principle of best advanced practice and theory. This conceptualisation speaks well of the approach of the author and the insights he has developed.

Darius Matusevicius,
Director CHU, Ministry of Finance, Lithuania

November 2006

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